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The crew at GatorTail did not come into the marine industry, they were born into it! At GatorTail you’ll find a dedication to quality and innovation that never ends. They’ve been setting standards in the industry from the day they came on the market with GatorTail motors and the GatorTail boats are no exception. The Gator Crew has been hard at work with new advances to the product line. It’s what they do to make sure we stay at the top of the game and remain the industry leader. Stop by and check our line of Gator-Tail boats, motors, and complete rigs today and see for yourself.

in stock Gator Tail Packages

We keep a large selection of both GatorTail Boats and GatorTail Motors in stock. If you dont see what your looking for give us a call. 337-583-4088

GatorTail Motors – The game Changer 40XD EFI GTR & 25 Big Block GTR

Gator-Tail, the original belt-driven surface drive mud motor, that changed the game. From a research project in college, this backwater and marsh running marvel has grown to dominate the market in little over a decade. The next decade has begun with the evolution of our product from a niche market to a world-wide marine presence. Our surface drive motors will prove to be the most reliable way to get you places you never thought possible. Available in 40hp and 25hp models Gator-Tail motors have been revolutionizing the mud motor world since the very beginning with their industry leading surface drive outboards.

GatorTail Boats

Gator-Tail invented, manufactured and perfected the best surface drivemud motor on the market today. The only logical next step was to design a line of boats that would allow our engines to deliver the full spectrum of performance we envisioned. That is why we now offer a complete line of boats specifically engineered to partner with our engines to deliver the perfect outdoor package that works for you. With our complete on-site design, fabrication and production, Gator-Tail can build the most important boat in the world, yours.

Dedication to improvement and innovation

After years of blood, sweat, and constant work, the crew at Gator-Tail along with their passion for innovation, and constant improvement have grown Gator-Tail to what it is today. Gator-Tail products are designed in our CAD/CAM engineering department, where we employ a staff of degreed engineers with many years of experience designing and building products and solutions for the petroleum industry. Our engineering personnel are highly skilled and hold several patents for their unique and innovative designs. We operate a fully equipped CNC machine shop as well as a full aluminum boat manufacturing facility.

Lifetime Belt Warranty

Gator-Tail goes where no other has by offering the only lifetime drive belt warranty in the industry. If you ever happen to break a drive belt, we will replace it at absolutely no charge to you. Our belts are 100hp rated and are made to absorb the many shocks that come from running rough terrain. It’s all about quality, and it’s all about giving you the best and our lifetime drive belt warranty shows our commitment to you, our valued customer.

The Beginning

Based in Loreauville Louisiana, Gator-Tail Outboards is the vision of Kyle Broussard. While finishing his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Louisiana, the concept for Gator-Tail Outboards was born. Kyle drew upon his experience as an outboard mechanic and used his knowledge as a lifetime boating, hunting, and fishing enthusiast to design a superior product. This unique patented design was the first outboard of its kind to hit the market. His innovative solution provides increased thrust and drivability while delivering relatively maintenance-free operation.

GatorTail Package Rigs

Complete Gator-Tail Rigs just pick the boat and motor combination that fits you already put together and ready to run. Get your yours and go Gator-Tail Today.

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